Renewable energy

Ten-Megawatt OTEC Power Plant is Green Energy

November 6, 2013 / No Comments

Lockheed Martin has joined forces with the Reignwood Group to build what will become the world’s largest capacity OTEC power generation plant. This is green technology at its best.  OTEC stands for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion and it uses the natural temperature differences in the ocean to generate electricity. OTEC power plants have been built before, but never at this large ...

Google Makes Green Energy Leap with Purchase of 240MW of Wind Power

September 23, 2013 / No Comments

From the development of Android operating system to their upcoming autonomous vehicle, Google is always on the quest for all things new. Now, with its decision to buy 240MW wind power in Texas, the search giant seems to going deeper into green terrain. Google hopes to transform itself into a renewable energy company  and is now investing heavily in renewable energy ...

Renewable Energy Seen Powering the World in 40 Years

May 10, 2011 / No Comments

Many a heated discussion revolving around the topic: ‘Renewable Energy Resources’ have been conducted worldwide over the past so many years. But them one wonders how far have we succeeded in making use of such resources for producing energy. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seems to be highly optimistic on the note. IPCC says that renewable energy can ...

Building a 21st Century Clean Energy Economy

March 31, 2011 / No Comments

New programs and initiatives are underway in the United States so as to transform the country into an energy economic powerhouse. As part of this, the authorities have come up with many strategies -  especially with regard to the considerable reduction in oil exports. The latest news from the White House has it that the government is considering a certain ...

High Investment in Clean Energy Sector

February 25, 2011 / No Comments

The latest report on clean energy quotes the words the head of a United Nation's green economy initiative on Wednesday and says that Brazil, China and India are expected to fuel global investments in clean energy in 2011 that are expected to reach $240 billion.

Solar Pyramids to Power Abu Dhabi’s Homes

February 8, 2011 / No Comments

The project entitled Lunar Cubit develops pyramid shaped solar complex which can develop enough power to thousands of homes. The project is based in Abu Dhabi and the motto of the project goes “Renewable Energy Can Be Beautiful”.

Ekranoyacht: Rebirth of the Ekranoplan

January 26, 2011 / No Comments

Jaron Dickson, an Australian designer and student at Monash University in Australia, has come with a hydrogen-powered flying yacht concept. It is called the Ekranoyacht after the famous Soviet Union super vehicle the Ekranoplan on whose grounds it is designed.

Solar-Powered Student Pavilion at The Netherlands’ Erasmus University

January 6, 2011 / 1 Comment

Netherlands’ Erasmus University now sports an exclusive student pavilion that aims for zero energy. The design, conceived by Dutch firm Netherlands’ Erasmus University, targets zero energy and at the same time, has made it equally comfortable.

Times Square New Year Ball Illuminated with Thousands of LEDs

January 3, 2011 / No Comments

The time ball at Time’s square which marks the place’s New Year celebrations, and designed by the renowned Waterford Crystal is illuminated with thousands of LED lights. Waterford Crystal had designed the new LED ball back in 2008. The structure has been made in such a way that it could withstand high winds, precipitation, and temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

Czech Republic Caught Between the Devil & the Deep Sea?

December 14, 2010 / 1 Comment

The Czech Republic is being dogged by several issues as it attempts to reduce its carbon footprint.  As part of the European Union’s pledge to reduce greenhouse emissions by 20% by the year 2020 from the levels that existed in 1990, the Czech nation has been taking several steps to ensure that the people are switching to more renewable power ...