Sanitov Bikes with GPS Technology Debut

September 23, 2010 / No Comments

Sanitov Studio launches their new C-Type Cargo bike that features an innovative GPS tracking system. The C-type Cargo bike is a simple design coupled with brilliant construction techniques. This elegant model is suitable for transporting goods as well. The technology of GPS incorporated in the design connects to a tracking system to track statistics about daily cycle routines.

Nation-E Angel Car is an EV Charging Station on Wheels

September 16, 2010 / No Comments

Swiss company Nation-E has come out with a vehicle called Angel car, which is actually an EV charging station. The device is attached to the boot of the vehicle and it is painted green. It has a touch screen for making the operations simpler and can be retrofitted to any appropriately-sized van.

Green Efforts Bring in Ground Transport Hub for Bob Hope Airport

August 31, 2010 / No Comments

In an attempt to reduce its environmental footprint, the Californian Bob Hope airport is building a ground transportation hub. Of late several airports have been doing the same thing – which will increase and encourage the use of public transportation and will bring down the use of rental car and shuttle buses.

The Mercury To Offer Ultra-Efficient Clean Travel Soon

July 16, 2010 / 1 Comment

London design firm Priestmangoode recently displayed the Mercury,  the concept of a high speed train specifically designed for low-carbon ultra-efficient travel. The double-decker train has a sleek body and unique interior design, which is anticipated to revolutionize rail travel.

Eco Tax On Air Travel Could Generate Conflict?

July 5, 2010 / 2 Comments

The new austerity plan outlined by the German government has a proposed eco-tax to be levied on air travel. Word is that almost 1 billion euros in revenue are expected from the eco-tax move.

All-electric Unicab could be New York’s future taxicab

June 2, 2010 / 1 Comment

If this is New York’s taxi of tomorrow then it has little else than the yellow color in common with its already existing counterparts. Unicab is a creative concept submitted for the “Taxi of Tomorrow” website launched by the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) in search for a new model medallion yellow taxicab to New York City in ...

Built from recycled plastic bottles “T25 Supermini Car” turns your head around

June 1, 2010 / No Comments

Designer Gordon Murray’s micro car instantly reminds one of Mr. Beans’ car of choice, a British Leyland Mini 1000 which was also became a character of sorts for the British television comedy series. All the recollection and resemblance apart, Murray’s lively little car “T25 Supermini Car,” is ready to really turn the heads around by its super cute mini look ...

Built from scrap Bicibomba movil uses pedal power to transform lives

May 31, 2010 / No Comments

There are very few contraptions devised from waste and fewer still, which are embracing owing to their simple functioning and worthiness. After Bicilavadora, the bicycle washing machine and the Bicimolino, the corn grinder, yet another application from waste Bicibomba movil has transformed lives of the people in rural Guatemala.

‘Electric Bulldozer’ with zero emissions and smart safety alerts

May 28, 2010 / 2 Comments

Worn and rusted bulldozers, belching out black smoke while clearing landfills, plant debris, mines, quarries, road construction, agricultural operations, and building sites etc. are an eyesore to watch. These monster machines may be the coolest ones around in terms of their overwhelming size, but their record on environmental front has been least friendly.

PC-Aero’s zero emissions electric airplane recharges underneath solar hangar

May 27, 2010 / No Comments

While all electric vehicles have already become a road reality with newer energy, efficient additions made every day, how about an all-electric plane that glides green through the skies to your choicest destinations.