Boston’s Swing Power Cells to Feature in BAIC Vehicles

August 13, 2012 / No Comments

Boston-Power has announced that the company has entered into a multi-year agreement with Beijing Electric Vehicle Company (BJEV), the electric vehicle delivery arm of Beijing Automotive Industry Company (BAIC). As per the deal, Boston will provide battery systems to the Chinese company. Boston-Power's battery systems will be used in the electric vehicles starting in 2012. Boston-Power's award-winning battery systems will support ...

Map-Lab Vision for Boston 2035 Says Cheers to Green

May 19, 2011 / No Comments

If all the years of planning come to effect in the construction of the extraordinary ResilienCity, Boston, in 2035, it will be a very green and exciting place to live in. Far surpassing most of the eco-projects of the century like the Masdar City and the other eco-dream projects, this Map-Lab Living City not only restores Boston’s former ecological glory, ...

PETA to Use EV Charging Stations For Displaying Vegan Ads

October 26, 2010 / No Comments

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has confirmed its plan to use the first public charging stations to be set up in the city of Boston to install the organization’s advertisements promoting meat-free vegan lifestyle.

BOA Floating City Proposed for Boston

January 15, 2010 / 1 Comment

BOA is an ambitious and expensive project, the likes of which you'd expect to originate from the Middle East. Not this one though, the Boston Arcology Urban Housing design is, as the name suggests, intended for Boston. The floating structure will be built on the proportions of the golden ratio 1:1.618.

Big Dig House: Nothing but 600,000lbs of Infrastructural Refuse

July 7, 2009 / No Comments

The natives of Boston, MA will definitely remember the Big Dig Highway project or more aptly the Central Artery/Tunnel Project (CA/T). There were 600,00lbs of refuse for that project which instead of being dumped, has been all converted into an uber stylish modern private house in Lexington, MA. It didn't come easy though as the Big Dig House started as a ...