IBM Uses Hot Water To Cool Supercomputer, Saves Energy by 40%

June 21, 2012 / No Comments

IBM, in collaboration with the Leibniz Supercomputer Center in Munich, is using hot water to its SuperMUC supercomputer. This is not new for IBM. It had used the technique way back in 2008 to cool Power 575 supercomputer. However, the new technique, with significant improvements from the earlier one, is touted as an innovative way of energy saving. The system, called LRZ ...

Dell Knocks HP Out of Top Green Spot

October 19, 2010 / 1 Comment

Dell, with a perfect score of 100, has moved up from its second position to first knocking HP out of the top spot in the green rankings of companies by Newsweek. The most significant thing about the ranking is that Apple failed to make into the top positions despite of its green efforts.

IBM Sees Solar Desalination for Deserts

April 8, 2010 / 1 Comment

Deserts have plenty of sunlight, and coastal areas for such regions have to make use of energy intensive desalination plants to fulfill their needs for potable water. IBM has got together with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, to create a desalination system powered by the sun.

IBM Shines Again, Shows a Better Way to PET Bottle Recycling

March 9, 2010 / No Comments

Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing a lot about IBM doing loads of green stuff, which is all good. Now, IBM and Stanford researchers have come up with a way that would allow for PET plastic recycling, and do that at much lower temperatures. Currently, PET plastics are downcycled, rather than recycled. Which is to say, that ...

IBM Becomes the First Company to Stop the use of two toxic compounds

March 5, 2010 / No Comments

The way things stand, most of our gadgets have toxic compounds, and manufacturing them includes the use of more toxic compounds. Many companies have made conscious attempts to eliminate these toxins but there has been little success. And that is exactly why IBM deserves kudos for eliminating the use of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) compounds from the ...

IBM Claims Breakthrough in Solar Tech

February 12, 2010 / No Comments

Researchers at IBM have claimed to have found a new path to solar power, one that will make solar panels a lot more cheaper. The cheaper part is achieved by the use of "Earth abundant" elements, the use of which will be comparatively more cost effective than the Copper, Indium, Gallium, and Selenium that GIGS thin film cells use.

Solar Costs Down to $2 per Watt, IBM Claims

May 16, 2008 / 11 Comments

Silicon photovoltaic panels are the most expensive solar installations at the moment but things are about to change because IBM claimed they have the technology to reduce the cost of harnessing the Sun's energy for electricity, down to $2 / W. The company announced in a press release on Thursday, that using a large lens that concentrates power to around 2300x, ...