Sustainable Ecopolis Plaza in Madrid

February 17, 2011 / No Comments

Well, this public facility, called the Plaza Ecopolis in Madrid, is simply an exemplary sustainable design. The structure, in a way, is also the perfect way to popularize the principals of green design.

Car-Free Day in Madrid

October 7, 2008 / No Comments

Good for you, Madrid. Everyone in the city was required to park their cars for the day and get to work, school, shopping or otherwise by some other means. In Central Madrid the idea was to promote a green lifestyle. Dads with babies, dads pulling babies, dads pulling babies while doing business or checking in with mom on their cell phones, ...

Official Vehicles in Madrid to Use Clean Fuels by 2011

May 14, 2008 / 1 Comment

photo by vr2006 With 1.8 million cars counting for 75-percent of the air pollution, Madrid is one of Spain's most polluted cities. Recently the City Hall announced that their official vehicles will "turn green" by 2011 using clean fuels like bio-diesel, ethanol, natural gas or even running on electricity. Madrid also joined the BEST (BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport) European project to ...

Green Vertical Garden (wall) in Madrid

March 17, 2008 / 8 Comments

photo by juanpg The newest museum in Madrid, CaixaForum, got a vertical garden on one of the exterior walls. Designed by Swiss architects Herzog & Meuron, there are 15,000 plants from more than 250 different species that are now covering a 1899 converted former power station. They managed to get a "very unusual encounter between the rough and the natural" with a ...