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Japanese Research Group Charges Home Appliances with DC Supply of Solar Power

December 22, 2008 / No Comments

A Japanese group was able to charge a Li-ion secondary battery with DC power generated by solar cells and supply it to home appliances without using AC conversion. The test was part of the Development Project of Energy-saving Technologies for Weak Energy Storage Type Eco House. The program was conducted by Japan's Ministry of the Environment with an aim of developing technologies ...

How Much Energy Can You Buy with $8.8 Billion?

July 22, 2008 / No Comments

Beijing is a city of about 11 million people. Since 2001, in the lead up to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games the city has spent some $8.8 billion to improve its power supply capability. What does the city have to show for it? 1. Total power supply capability is up 124% 2. The city now has 344 transformer sub-stations 3. The sub-stations ...