Solar energy

The Solar Powered 6 in 1 Robot – an Entertaining Option

May 26, 2009 / 2 Comments

[caption id="attachment_5277" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Solar Powered Robot Takes Various Shapes"][/caption] The current challenge for mankind is to seek the advantages of alternative energy. We are not quite sure whether we have reached a level where we can actually use solar energy to entertain ourselves but, if someone creates an "android" based on the same theory, we're going to hail the development ...

Semprius intros ultra-thin solar cells that can be worn on t-shirts

May 21, 2009 / No Comments

A United States-based company is seeking to produce the tiniest solar cells ever made. Semprius, based in Durham, North Carolina, was inspired by research conducted by Professor John A Rogers and his team at the University of Illinois.

PG&E and BrightSource of Oakland Strike Solar Power Deal

May 15, 2009 / No Comments

Pacific Gas & Electric on Wednesday announced it has gone into solar-power contracts with Oakland's BrightSource Energy to produce a total of 1,310 megawatts of electricity. That's enough to power 530,000 California homes during peak hours— 12 noon - 7pm. [caption id="attachment_5078" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Solar farm by BrightSource Energy"][/caption] Go California! Wait! Let me check my PG&E bill. Somebody has to pay ...

Palmdale Airport Land Proposal Can be a Solar Farm

May 5, 2009 / No Comments

Palmdale was set to be the location for a new international airport in LA. However, it never got off the ground. Today, however, there is good news! Apparently the authorities have finally come up with a plan for the location. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power wants to install a solar farm on some 4,000 (largely undeveloped) acres ...

Solar Powered Streetlights That Become One With the Canopy

February 20, 2009 / 1 Comment

Solar energy is still running well despite the bad economic environment and while people are searching for green alternatives, designers are trying hard to come up with stylish and innovative options, that blend creativity with utility. Designed by Jongoh Lee, the beautiful, ergonomic and natural looking streetlights merge seamlessly into the natural canopy around to harness solar power effectively. The ...

Mitsubishi and Libya’s Al Fateh University Will Study Green Energy Jointly

January 28, 2009 / No Comments

Mitsubishi and Libya's Al Fateh University will sign a memorandum of understanding to begin joint research and development of reusable energy sources. The Japanese trading company will put up the money for research into reusable energy by Libya's largest university. Japan will also supply test materials and send specialists to Al Fateh from 2009 to 2011. The two will also engage ...

Japanese Research Group Charges Home Appliances with DC Supply of Solar Power

December 22, 2008 / No Comments

A Japanese group was able to charge a Li-ion secondary battery with DC power generated by solar cells and supply it to home appliances without using AC conversion. The test was part of the Development Project of Energy-saving Technologies for Weak Energy Storage Type Eco House. The program was conducted by Japan's Ministry of the Environment with an aim of developing technologies ...

5 Steps to Green Hosting

November 23, 2008 / No Comments

Jason Keath at "Jason Keath - Where Old Media Goes to Die" offered up his 5-step plan to "Green Hosting". Buy Your Own Offset Credits -Resources: How to buy carbon credits ( | Carbon credit price comparisons. Read Jason's tip. Use Hosting that Buys Credits - Jason's recomendation - One good option in this direction is Dreamhost. Use Hosting that Buys Green Energy ...

Green Example – The Cley Marsh Center in England

October 31, 2008 / No Comments

Ever heard the legendary Bruce Lee talk about how the perfect weapon is "an extension of the fighter's mind and body"? Well, in the exact same fashion, the perfect green structure must be an extension of the planet. It must be one with the ecosystem, around it rather than stick out like a sore spot. That is precisely what The ...

Llife-like Artificial Plants and Trees to Capture Solar and Wind Power

October 16, 2008 / No Comments

[caption id="attachment_1890" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Nature - an energy-capturing powerhouse"][/caption] A London-based company, Solar Botanic, claims to have developed life-like artificial plants and trees that have the ability to trap solar and wind power. The prominent feature of these plants is the 'Nano Leaf' which can harness these powers. Its photovoltaic and thermo voltaic cells absorb the sun's energy while the branches produce ...